05 October 2011

Now Will You Believe Me Social Media AD Revenues to top $10 Billion by 2013

Holy smokes Batman.

I was a late convert to Social Media. Mostly because in the early days I could not see the Media part of it. Now I do (OK - I am old so that's my excuse).

But now we are seeing dramatic rises in the total revenues from Advertising. With many of the Ad vehicles not yet fleshed out - this tells me we are going to have a hard time understanding how we interact with these tools and more importantly how we deal with them and integrate them.

eMarketer is reporting that global ad revenues for Social Media will top $10 Billion by 2013.

Today sadly it was reported that AC Nielsen JR has passed away. It is interesting to note that we see the world changed forever. A world where he presided as king - now we have a new world. Are we using the right metrics. Now that is a good question.


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