31 December 2011

The Professor's 2012 Wish List

OK so you have had my predictions and my Grinch list. I have even done my top 10 secular holiday season songs. 

Now what would I REALLY like to see happen in 2012? I have reached into my file of things that I really want to change. I want to solve world peace but don't have the time or the temerity to deal with this. But I do have a few ideas. So here is my list of changes I want to see implemented in 2012.

  1. The Cookie Tax – the ultimate solution to equitable wealth redistribution. Facebook, Google and Apple (as well as just about everyone else) get hit with a Cookie tax. For every cookie loaded the cookie placer has to pay a tax of 5 cents per cookie. The Cookie tax can be avoided if the provider gets a cookie free certificate. This would certify that the company does not use Cookies.
  2. Ending Abuse of Surveys. Survey Monkey (and all survey questions) comes with a university or college degree in how to ask questions. No one can use Survey Monkey without a degree in Applied Research or Statistics. Websites are allowed to ask one survey a year. If they want to do more they have to pay their users $10 per survey completed.
  3.  A “Do Not Abuse My Data” Registry. This enables you as a consumer to register the company that you do not want them to control or use your data in any way other than for the company itself you signed up with. IE no advertisers can share or use the data. Also the registry will tell you HOW you can see all the data that any company has on you. All breaches are punishable by death or $1 billion per instance whichever is less convenient for the company concerned.
  4. A control spam application. This is a freely available app that lets me choose who sends things to my email. Anyone caught abusing this is liable for a life time of being hung upside down from the Space Needle in Seattle.
  5. Fixed price mobile phone service. No advertising – a public utility service – that can be provided by any player with no long distance changes, no caps on data and no caps on text or call minutes. All for less than $50 per month. A surcharge of $20 per month for international roaming.
  6. Guaranteed QoS service mark that can be appended to any online or offline service. If the QoS metrics are breeched then the provider has to refund any service fees attached to it. For example if you have to pay for a bag and it arrives damaged or late you pay a fine.
  7. The Guaranteed Service bundle. Every provider of a service is required to offer a full bundled service offering (as well as the unbundled pricing). For example an airline would be required to offer a bundled fare not to exceed the lowest fare by 50% which allows me to select a seat (other than middle ones please) check a bag and get from A to B without paying anything else.
  8. Revised Do Not Call Registry. A true “Do not call”  registry that includes – “thanking me for my service”, political ads, robo calls of any time, charitable causes and annoying neighbours who are bored. As part of this service the true name and contact details for the person calling you will be displayed or available after the call to you.
  9. The anti Bovine Law. Regulation that says any airline that exceeds 80% load factor must provide extra flights until the numbers reach 80% again. Same for hotels etc etc.
  10.  A new Bill of Rights. A new United Nations citizen charter of rights. This includes banning of all lies by politicians. A pain tax – however much pain is inflicted by the politicians on their electorate they have to pay out of their own pocket this includes banning all influence peddling. Enforcing existing anti-competitive regulations etc etc. … there are many more like this!
With that I wish you an excellent 2012. If you like this spread the word and share with your friends (and enemies alike). Send to your favourite politician. There are a few others I would like to see. Like breaking up of Google but that will keep for another day.

Peace, Love and Understanding


The Professor. 


Anonymous said...

Excellent, keep writing and Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

These are some nice wishes! Especialy with the control of spam applications, are killing me! Great blog! Love it!