24 December 2011

The Professor's Top 3 Posts of 2011... and a Thank you

2011 was a really interesting year.During the time we have had the Arab Spring. We have had a host of difficulties and triumphs personal and public.

But for the Professor's blog which were the top stories of 2011?

While I try to stick close to my roots on this one - I tend to comment on Travel in general, Airlines, Distribution matters and Customer service (or rather frequently lack thereof).

So for those of you who are interested here are the top 3 posts of 2011.

By far the most popular is the impact of IATA Resolution 302

Number 2 was a rather esoteric piece on aircraft boarding.

Number 3 was my nostalgic piece on Dr Who, and the passing of the actress who played Sarah.

Thank you readers... you are a weird lot but I am really grateful that you do actually read my work. I commit to try and do better in 2012. My day job keeps getting in the way but well I will endeavor to do better. I would like to thank all those who have contributed ideas for the Blog. Those who have given me fodder for my writing - thanks to you too.

And in the best tradition may I wish all the ABSOLUTE BEST to each and everyone of you all this holiday season. I hope that you are close to your loved ones. If not then I hope that you will be reunited soon. May Peace and Love reign over all of us.


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