12 February 2011

Saturday Frivolity

The Professor still hates Twitter but has learned to appreciate it.

So today's joke should be funny for all. With special thanks to Professor Paul for sending it on to me.

A man walks in to the doctors and says,
"Doctor, doctor, I think I'm addicted to Twitter".
The doctor looks at him and says,
"Sorry, I don't follow you".

Bu buoom....

07 February 2011

Shhhh. More Reasons Not to Buy the Verizon iPhone

Perhaps I am being too hard on the devil's instrument.

You might recall my post last week on the second source for iPhones now coming from Verizon.

In the post I mentioned that there were some issues....

Well here are a few more.

Even though CDMA has the potential to go faster for the device... well its not really. According to several studies on the phone by journalists lucky enough to get their fingers on it - its a bit faster. Just not by much.

But here is another thought. You CANNOT do VOICE and DATA TOGETHER unless you are hooked up to wifi.

So you will need to make sure that you are in a good place with wifi (preferably for free) and your CDMA works for Voice. THEN you can multi task.

Wow that would be a great feature for the AT&T version or when roaming internationally. Oh but wait... you can't do that - CMDA doesn't work outside of the USA (except in VERY rare occasions).

OOOpppp might want to think again about that nice idea.