16 March 2011

The Changing Of The Guard - Airports Reflect

Oh dear... the old world received another shocker today. The annual ACI - Airports Council report rankings.
Just look at the numbers. The surge in traffic from the Chinese airports show that the global economy has definitely tilted East.

One of the more dramatic changes has been the surge in traffic in Hong Kong which after 18 years has now toppled the traditional king - Fedex's Memphis.

Old World - read it and weep. New World ditto.


Thanks to CAPA for the information and to the NYT for the image of Heathrow.

Have You Good Mobiquette?

OK I admit it... I have done the following:

Snuck a peek at my crackberry sitting in traffic
Read AND written something while walking
Spoken too loudly on a mobile
Left my mobile on when in flight
Not turned mobile to silent mode when asked to...

So am I a bad person

Well most of America thinks so.

Go here and see what the Intel Based Survey found out about Americans and Mobile Etiquette



PS Thanks to Mobile Dog for the image... good one.

15 March 2011

Farewell Sidestep

It was a blast but like Pointcast and other services that were desktop add-ons it has gone the way of the Dodo.


Oh Dear - Twitter To Restrict 3rd Party Development

One of the joys of Twitter has been its openness in a world where closed services and platforms are the order of the day.

Well it seems no more. Farewell Open Twitter, hello Johnny Appltwitter.


Let's hope enough people put pressure on Twitter to make it change its mind.

And to think I used to really decry Twitter! It only goes to show that one can change ones mind. The change of Twitter from a way to blab mindlessly to a valuable communications based commerce and service tool has changed my point of view.


Gaming The Blogging System: Comfort_Hotels Should be Ashamed

Some Time Ago - I noted that a certain hotel in India started to post comments which were not appropriate and designed to act as a free way to promote this hotel.

Well - now I have another hotel - this time in the USA trying to do this as well.

Here is the comment they tried to post thinking that they would get SEO mileage from it:
Comfortsuiteshuntingtonbeach.com is one of the most leading Huntington Beach Hotel & Orange county hotels. Comfortsuiteshuntingtonbeach.com is unique choice in Disneyland hotels for Comfort Suites & memorable Huntington Beach visits.

So @Comfort_Hotels...I hope you are listening because now your chap has pissed me off.

I will also Tweet this so that their corporate brand people can have a taste of this.

Moral of the story - Don't Game The System.... it really isn't nice.