14 May 2011

Yanks vs 'Peans

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More Nostalgia. Did You WORK in the UK Package Holiday Biz in the 1970s?

As part of a new social history series presented by Melvyn Bragg, the BBC would like to hear from people who worked in the package holiday industry during the 1970s, and from those with memories of going on package holidays during the 70s. Contact Abi Mowbray at the BBC on abigail.mowbray1@bbc.co.uk on +44 (0)161 244 3680.

Big Week Ahead in Travel

AA GAG order comes off May 15th.

More specific data on US OTA declines in air sales in first quarter become available. Some players are down in significant double digit year on year comparisons. While late Easter has something to do with it - the real reason is clear. The OTA core model is being challenged. Either have full content or you suffer.

Look for more announcements to come this week.


11 May 2011

Sabre Fires A Salvo To Agencies Names Dates

Chris Kroeger, Sabre's pointman in the battle with AA - has started their campaign to get the agencies to start pushing Agencies world wide to push AA.

So here it is - verbatim from the European version

Von: Sabre Travel Network [mailto:connected@sabre.com]

Recently, American Airlines (AA), through discussions and presentations with travel agencies and corporations, has indicated that it could be completely out of the Sabre® global distribution system as of June 1, 2011. I understand this may be causing confusion, and I want to take this opportunity to clarify our position.
Sabre® has no desire or intention to remove AA’s content from the Sabre system.
Sabre will continue to vigorously protect the transparent, competitive marketplace which creates value for travel suppliers and buyers. As part of this effort, we will take necessary actions to highlight the negative impacts of one-off supplier connections, uphold our contractual and legal rights, and work with airlines around the world to put in place full content distribution agreements that meet the needs of all constituents.
Despite the uncertainty created by AA’s latest communications, the fact is we have a full content agreement with AA that runs through August 31, 2011. It is our goal to do all we can between now and the end of August to reach a full content distribution agreement with AA.
Your voice matters. Make sure AA is clear on what you require to efficiently operate your business. We will continue to keep you informed on this important matter.

Chris Kroeger
Senior Vice President, Marketing
Sabre Travel Network

Sabre Travel Network
Agency eServices

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