17 December 2011

The True Intent of Google's new Schemer.

Most new things that come from Google are well works in progress. Most usually have something of value that is immediately apparent in what it can do for you. IE it has some value to you in your daily life that makes it easier or better for you to do things.

As a result we have become expectant that any new Google tool will indeed do just that. Improve what we do.

There is one area where Google just takes us for being fools (and indeed others especially Facebook is also guilty of this sin).

They automatically believe that we have unlimited time to waste on their latest ideas and toys. The arrogance of Google is in believing that we will do their hard work for them... like testing and debugging. And of course donating the most scarce resource of all which costs the most and never get accounted for ... yes I am talking about time.

Schemer is an interesting idea. Based on the premise that because we are so busy doing Google's work for them that we now have to be inspired to think of real things to do.

And not so subtly somehow the number one thing that Google thinks the Professor should do is ....
Work for Google.

Well... if you think that this is the case Sergey and Larry - you have my email address and you have all my details and activity - you can find me any time.

And as for the offer to work for you for free? Well other than what I am doing without explicitly agreeing to it (which is a lot) - no thanks I will pass. if you want to pay me - somewhere in my emails is the rate. I am sure you can figure it out.


PS - And in case you missed it - I made the entire text clickable so you dont have to work too hard to see the picture.