20 February 2012

OTA transactions shoot up in January

After experiencing a constant under-performance for all of 2011 - the OTA market in the USA came alive in January 2012.

As post Christmas blues were banished with excitement for the summer and already seeing tightening of supply, consumers shopped till the dropped ONLINE for airline tickets.

However given that discounts are going to be few and far between for the summer months as the impact of the United merger and the general tightening of supply becomes more apparent, the likelihood is that this is an aberration not a trend.

I could of course be wrong - but I doubt it.

Agree with me?

Only time will tell for sure


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Mike Premo said...

Dear Prof,

Hard to judge based on the fact that in Jan last year, AA was out of a number of OTAs. Probably distorts the year-over-year comparison.

Mike Premo