23 November 2012

So you think you know about consumer protection?

As a strong suggestion - I believe if you want to understand consumerism and the workings of politics, read the US DoT recommendations on Air Travel. And from the air fare transparency group no less. (Saving the Government money !!!)

UK Travel Industry Employment Statistics - Is Anyone Doing Anything About It?

The UK's Office of National Statistics often looks at different sectors of the economy. They even have a hub in their database just related to Tourism - great name - its called NUTS. Today they released a report entitled the The Geography of Tourism Employment. Thus continuing to perpetuate the myth of Tourism encompassing all of Travel. 

This is well worth a read for the information about where the employment hubs sit. Tourism as we keep hearing is the world's 3rd largest part of the economy. The UK could do a lot more to boost its employment in Travel and Tourism. It could also do more to funnel resources into the sector to nurture it and grow it. 

This report should provide some ammunition for making that case. But I am not sitting on my hands to let this just happen in a vacuum. I am putting my money where my mouth is. Check out our VaultPad initiative.