22 September 2006

Does every bad penny come back up again?

In the category of what goes down must come up - check out www.cfares.com . Yes Vijid is at it again. Not content to blow some investors money - (Think excambria) he is back again trying to sell software to the gullible Travel Industry.

Far be it for me to say whether he is good or bad and we don’t impugn or condone that behavior - but from the positions I have sat and watched his behavior before - this is another potential train wreck. Do I have a grudge against Mr Jafri - actually I do. I watched him tie up a project I worked on in knots with a frivolous lawsuit (subsequently dismissed) that caused the principals in my project lose interest and cost them time and money focusing on his time wasting effort to derail our project in favor of his own.

Great anecdotal stories on his relationship with certain company based in Texas. But if I look at this I have to say that the model is flawed and unfortunately it goes straight into the bin. So whether the technology works or not is immaterial. Getting people to pony up subscriptions on the come for an untried and unproven product (by that I mean in the market place making consistent revenues for years at a time) I thought was, well, 90s. But if you can believe him that 1500 gullible souls have allegedly paid up subscriptions and Garage Ventures some extra cash - well I am sure this wont last long. But I have been proven wrong before (OK So Rakesh is still at Worldspan and I have eaten a hat but September isn’t over yet!). My proven point? This industry has the greatest percentage of unsmart people. I just hope that we can continue to be at least the one eyed man in this land of the seemingly blind.


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