30 May 2007

Don't worry - Be happy apart. Galileo and Worldspan to remain Seperate

Forget synergies - its all about making a buck. So what if you have 2 sets of infrastructure to support the "Full service" suites of both now isolated systems, Blackstone led Travelport has announced that it will keep the 2 GDS apart rather than go through the enormous pain and cost of a single platform.

On the one hand we applaud the rationality of the argument not to go through with the very painful exercise (Ed: I have done it twice!). However we believe that there will be a significant amount of confusion amongst the respective customer bases. we just hope that Travelport has some good integration strategies up its sleeve or else the sheer cost of supporting 2 data centers and two product lines has got to be a Controller's nightmare.

Rest assured your trusty team at ITK will be on the case watching the situation and reporting back from the field including customer reaction and some insider news.

Travelport - we wish you success. Please make it clear what you are really going to be doing. We would like to have a clear story to present to the world.


ITK Team

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