04 May 2007

Electronic Ticketing - will the airlines meet the 12/12/07?

Sabre is claiming 90% plus, Abacus is at 60%.......... So will we make Giovanni's deadline? Actually the answer is no but it wont matter.

The players will decide that those who need to be in the fold will be there - those who dont will be left out. It doesnt matter whether you make it or not.

I recall in 1984 United Airlines complained that they were processing 88 different internal ticket types. we have been working with a carrier who is 77% electronic yet still processes 24 different internal ticket types.

But there is still a hidden burden. The difference between Eticketing and truly ticketless is something that is holding airlines back. GET WITH THE PROGRAM. Its about business simplicity. Simplicity saves money.

So lets do the right thing.

Bite the bullet and make it TICKETLESS now. You still have time. And just pick a date and then do the most you can to eliminate everything else. If you dont then you wont make the savings you need.



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