05 June 2007

DL and CO - Do you REALLY want LHR? Check this out.

For some time now this blog has ranted about the 3rd world nature of LHR and its symbiotic partner BA. Both of whom are providing a pretty piss-poor service. With Open Skies now a reality and many US carriers climbing over themselves to get slots at LHR. Here is something to make you pause and wonder.

This summer - I really do not recommend you even setting foot in the place.

Check this blog entry from Tim Hughes at THE BOOT. http://tims-boot.blogspot.com/2007/06/500-miles-of-security-queue-at-london.html

I know LHR pretty well from both the in/out as well as the changing planes there. With T5 still 10 months away this is just appalling. This is for T2 passengers. Trust me it isnt much better for T1, 3 or 4.


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