01 October 2007

Amadeus targeting Worldspan and Galileo with Sleeze

Well it looks like the gloves are off...

Amadeus this past week unleashed its own version of a Sleeze campaign by sending out large boxes of emptiness to Galileo and Worldspan subscribers.
A message has gone out from the combined WSP/Gal sales HQ to the troops as follows: I quote verbatim
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 00:53:18 +0000 North American Sales Teams: Please be aware that Amadeus has launched a very aggressive marketing campaign targeting our customers. In some instances, they are sending customers an oversized cardboard box that is empty except for a large banner (pictures below). The wording on the box points the reader to the following website with a presentation that makes numerous assumptions about Travelport's acquisition of Worldspan. http://www.yougettochoose.com/Choice/ This is a very aggressive campaign aimed at capitalizing on the fear, uncer! tainty and doubt that some of our customers may be experiencing. Rather than respond to this attack directly which could serve to validate their claims, we will take the high road and continue focusing on the business of servicing our clients. Instead, we encourage you to engage with your clients and let them see through our actions how ridiculous Amadeus' claims are. You may also choose to point out that Amadeus must be quite threatened by the new Travelport GDS if they went to the expense and trouble of shipping empty, overly-large boxes to our travel agencies all over the United States. You can point out that Travelport would not use our marketing monies in such a frivolous manner. Additionally, we are planning a creative advertising and email campaign in the coming weeks that will set the stage for our communication to customers and the industry at-large. Thanks for your support. Cheryl and Erin
Sleeze? You be the judge

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