31 January 2008

BA Customer Service Model - Ryanair

You would thing that the "World's Favourite Airline" would not want to emulate the World's Cheapest Airline. But it seems that BA wants to do just that.

I am a member of OnBusiness their small business corporate account program. I could not access the account - my fault - cannot remember the password. So I follow the onscreen instructions which fail to let me reset my password. (OK I gave it a good shot 5 times for me and one for another more deliberate and less impatient human being).

OK so the site advises me to contact BA OnBusiness customer service. This is where the joke starts to get funnier. The web instructions are incorrect - redirecting me as a US account to the UK service centers. OK - I deal with that by finding the right information in another area on the website. So I do.... a nice BA agent lets call him Fred (Who is a real BA employee not a contractor). Duly takes the information and after being on the phone for 5 minutes I realize that he has to speak to another desk who has the ultimate power. Nope they dont want to help - contact us by email. We will get to it later. Of course the REASON I want to use the account is so I can make a booking. Silly me.

This process took over 20 mins including trying to speak to a Supervisor who also didn't want to help and directed me to the same (broken and lame) process.

So my only option is to follow the bouncing ball on the website. Customer service contact information - it AGAIN incorrectly directs me to the UK centers. So US customer service options of course are nothing like what I would need... the best option for logging my "issue" was "Corporate Policy".

Even Ryanair is easier to deal with - they at least tell me NO up front.

Memo to BA... you lost a biz class trip US to Europe. You will lose more unless you can figure out a way to deal with this.

Oh yes and I am a Gold Card holder on BA. Boy do I feel special.....



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