18 January 2008

Toppling the Giants - USA and Expedia

OK this was a somewhat misleading headline but it made you look!!!!

2 reports published today show how the world is changing.

In online CHINA finished just behind the USA and will easily pass the former leader in a matter of days as the world's largest Internet market. Lest we think otherwise it is not a fair comparison. These are in total numbers and of course the definition of the experience in a Chinese Internet cafe is vastly different from the high-speed surfing we can do at home in the USA. Still a seismic shift and we should all bow for a moment and reflect. OK? Done

In the UK Hitwise is reporting that longtime travel category leader Expedia UK (which I had a "small" hand is starting) has been knocked off its perch by TUI/Thomsons of all people. That was definitely interesting!

So changes abound



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