01 February 2008

Champagne all round boys and girls... Opodo makes a profit

It may seem meagre to other combatants but 7 years after its first launch - Opodo has FINALLY MADE A PROFIT.

Opodo was formed in 2000 by nine of Europe’s leading airlines. Its publicly stated two main objectives were to become a low cost distribution channel for travel products, and to become a leading player in the (then) increasingly lucrative online travel market. Opodo launched its first site, www.opodo.de, in Germany in November, 2001. This was soon followed by the launches of the United Kingdom site, www.opodo.uk, in January, 2002, and the French site, www.opodo.fr, later that year in April. Opodo currently has been launched in, and operates in ten different countries. These include Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, Spain, France (under 3 brands), Italy, and Scandinavia under the Travellink Brand (Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway). The website lists 8o European airlines as co-owners with Amadeus. BA, AF/KL, EI, LH, AZ, OS, IB, FI.

Well done to the team in Hammermith. Too bad about the investment write off - but Amadeus probably needs that these days to counter its rapidly rising profits.

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