19 February 2008

Meet The New Profit Champ - Air Arabia

Move over Ryanair, Easyjet, Air Asia and Gol. Say hello to the new king.

OK so my mathematical skills are not always the best but I think I can use a spreadsheet. (Should anyone be able to prove me wrong I will immediately retract this story!)

It looks like we have a new Champion in the airline yield stakes. Its one that most people in Europe and the US - probably Asia have never even heard of let alone flown on.

Its Air Arabia.

For its 2007 results go here: http://www.airarabia.com/Air%20Arabia%20Net%20Profit%20Soars%20to%20AED%20376%20million.html

Frankly the numbers really shocked me. I was expecting a good result but this was very good. So net yield is 29.3% vs 13.5% last year. That is pretty much at the highest I have seen in any carrier. Higher even than Ryanair (2006 FR's numbers put them at the top of the Airline Business profitability league with 21.1% yield). With fares at about the right level for a Low Cost Carrier ($130 each way) they are doing a lot right.

Congrats to Adel Ali and his team.



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