31 March 2008

Exclusive: O’Leary Quits Ryanair – to start new Long Haul LCC

Exlusive to T2. O'Leary resigns as CEO of Ryanair.

After 3 years of saying “Maybe” Michael O’Leary has finally taken the plunge and will leave the Irish airline he has nurtured to great success. Today is his last day.

O’Leary is reported to have come to terms with the FR Board and using his position as a director of Ryanair Direct has in fact made himself redundant along with the other 40 employees in Dublin.

Clearly he has his eye on something bigger. Beaten to the punch by David Neeleman of jetBlue in starting a new airline in Brazil, O’Leary will be starting a new airline to be based in Dublin and will start service exactly one year from today 1st April 2009.

T2 can exclusively reveal that the new airline will be built on the pure low cost model. It will feature long and short haul flights but mostly long haul. Its first destination is the Island paradise of San Seriffe in the Indian Ocean where the flights will land at the Capital Bodoni. It’s a bit of a stretch to make a 737-900ER get there but the canny O’Leary was able to snag several in a fire sale at Boeing’s Renton plant now that the original purchaser – Adam Air – has gone out of business. He will initially purchase 4 of the green tails. He is planning to fly next to Hawaii and take over routes previously flown by now defunct Aloha Airlines.

The airline has already been named and the website address Myegoair.com has already been allocated. Commented O’Leary “I am F***ing tired of listening to other S***heads telling me what to do.” Now he feels he can really tell them where to get off. Advanced reservations are already being taken at a brisk pace.

For further details please contact Mr O’Leary directly at tightwad@myegoair.com

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