28 April 2008

Continental follows Delta in exit from Certified Tours for inhouse Vacation Packages

Earlier this year, Delta Airlines announced its intention to terminate its long term agreement with Certified Tours for in-house Vacation and Tour services. Now Continental is following suit.

Certified actually was founded by Delta staffers and for many years enjoyed a very close relationship with the airline. In recent years that relationship drifted somewhat. Now too it would seem that Continental feels the same way.

The importance of Vacation packaging - especially Dynamic - has been a hot topic for the US and other markets. We believe that, critically speaking, the technology supporting the Tour Operating has not kept pace with the consumer demand for self service. All Tour Operators need to review their technology needs and provide solutions that are easier for the consumer as ultimate user.

While the profitability of Vacation Packages sustains many intermediary businesses, we believe that this will come under pressure in the coming year as Airlines and other suppliers seek to lower costs again.

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