23 May 2008

BA doesn't like its ultra premium passengers

Over time BA has slowly diluted the value of its ultra-premium travellers. The most coveted of users.

Gold cardholders represent a class of traveller on the "world's favorite airline" that other airlines would kill for. But BA seems to be somewhat indifferent to them.

On a recent morning in May at LHR Terminal 4 the line for First/Gold check-in stretched into the "hoi Polloi" area. The BAA (yes the airport gestapo) determined that normal bags that would pass muster anywhere else in the world would not pass - not even for a BA First Class and Gold member. So the long trek back to the check in (and subsequent second wait) was inevitable. No help from BA there either.

The BA first class lounge looked positively shabby and decidedly full despite a significant reduction in usage from the flights to T5. At least at T4 there still is a dedicated Gold/First lounge.

Over at the new edifice BA's Ultra Premium passengers don't even get a dedicated area. They have to hang out with the likes of Silver and Club Class types in the new "Gallery" lounges, akin to a cattle car in their own right.

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