20 May 2008

The extent of the problem at T5 shows in the numbers

Traffic figures for the month of April show the impact of the debacle at T5. We knew from anecdotal reports that it was bad and that customers were running away from BA (yes I was one and moved at least one flight away from BA. Now the numbers are in.

LHR was down altogether for the month off by -3.8%. Latest report shows BA passengers down by -7.9% Since BA drives around 50% of the traffic at LHR this is about right. OUCH!!!!

But the UK was off all over the place. Mancheter, Gatwick, Stansted etc etc. Interestingly enough - Ryanair who is STN's largest single airline had an increase of 15% for the month of April indicating they are doing a good job of diversifying the revenue base. Just following on the Southwest model.



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