09 May 2008

Sabre adopts T2's definition of Hybrid Value Carriers

Finally recognition!

Sabre's airline solutions team has acknowledged something that we have been saying for a very long time - the basic LCC model has evolved and there is a new kid on the block the HVC - Hybrid Value Carrier.

The core premise is that many other studies in LCCs have blinded concluded that the LCC model was rapidly growing and very large. From our analysis we believe the number of "purist" LCCs is actually quite small. Southwest for example is no longer a true LCC. Neither is EasyJet nor Virgin Blue.

T2 will shortly be publishing our annual LCC study. This year will be more focused on the business model and its evolution.

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the last year's study based on Travel Trade and the LCCs or you would like a preview of this year's - please give me a ping on email. timothyo@t2impact.com



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