23 June 2008

787 Power on - FINALLY

So Boeing managed to turn on the lights. Finally one built (and rebuilt and rebuilt...) 787 actually works with electricity. I wonder if they can turn it off ;-)

This is very good news for Boeing if for no other reason than it is a great morale booster.

There are challenges ahead. The most significant is that all the customers are being told to plan for significant delivery delays. In the case of a small airline - though an early buyer - the date for delivery for Monarch is now 2013. Ouch!

The gap between the projected deliveries and the full on production is a gaping hole. There is a significant capacity gap in the 767/330/787 sector, new builds are scarce and Boeing is being tight-lipped about any 767 production rate ramp up. With the Tanker decision again about 12 months away, Boeing is going to be in no hurry to add capacity to this sector. As Airbus has seen with the recent inability to reach Wave 2 for the A380 - this logistics thing is not easy.

What can be learned from this? Lots of things. Now I guess we all understand why Microsoft is/was always late with its versions of Windows.



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