27 June 2008

Friday Frivolity - Euro MP Style

For all of you who think that European Legislators (Members of the European Parliament known more formally as MEPs) are a bunch of wine swilling freeloaders, you just might be right.

Thanks Mike for this one!

So if you want to know why European taxes are high and why there is a strong anti-Federalist movement in certain countries such as the UK, this might be a clue. For the record - I am a strong believer in the European Community but have always felt that the American system of balance (3 instruments - Executive, Judiciary and Legislature) was optimal. However the EC system makes the Commissioners effectively Judge Jury and Executioner. For background, at the present time there is a strong move by the EC to pass a new constitution which further centralizes power. The so called Treaty of Lisbon was voted down by the Irish this month and replaces the previous effort called the Treaty of Mastricht which resulted in a show down and was voted down by the French amongst others. So the EU is suffering from a lack of leadership at the center and the need for a new constitution is evident with the expanded membership of the EC. But not at any price.

The view of the man in the street is that he suspects that there is a giant gravy train in Brussels and Strasbourg which is adding up to higher taxes for the common man. If this video is anything to go by - he may be right.

Watch it yourself and see




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