03 June 2008

Just because Gio says so doesn't make it so. Paper Tickets the Saga continues

OK so at a sweep of the electronic pen - paper tickets were consigned to history.

Politely BS.

As we are now seeing they are very much alive. Further the lack of full interline e-ticket is causing all manner of problems. For example if you are an external airline serving a single airport in one country without the interline etix of the national or dominant carrier in that market you are screwed. Specifically if you are in Germany and the long haul airline doesn't have an etix agreement with Lufthansa EVEN THOUGH THEY HAVE JOINT FARES. You are now in deep dog poop.

This is causing lots of issues for vendors of software and I am sure that even the GDSs don't have it all fixed yet.

But Don't worry Gio says its OK. And you believe him!!!!

Good luck if you are travelling any time soon on a cheapie consolidator ticket.



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