07 June 2008

So why is Olympic the worst airline in Europe?

I recently had the honour of Flying the airline that is universally acknowledged to be the sickest in the world.

Having flown it - I can see why.

Despite having the same equipment as other airlines, Olympic Airlines (not Airways any more), just cannot get anything right.

The usual things are forgivable. Bad food - etc. But the staff at both ends (LHR and ATH) were just barely doing their jobs. But the best was clearly reserved for In flight service. If you ever want to see how not to serve your customers this is it. These chaps make Alitalia look like a top flight carrier.

After literally ignoring the passengers, the service was appalling. And once completed with inadequate and unintelligible announcements delivered with all the aplomb of a wet dead fish, the entire cabin crew in economy retired to the galley and then closed the curtain so they would not be bothered by the passengers. Ignoring personal requests in Greek and in English and completely ignoring the call button.

Someone in Brussels should listen to Michael O'Leary for once and put this carrier out of its misery.



PS Thank god I am returning on BA.

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