29 July 2008

The BA+Virgin et al Price Fixing Scandal Update

The rather nasty case of Price Fixing filed by authorities on both sides of the Atlantic is making some progress.

The consent agreement (in my humble opinion a win for the lawyers only) is now public with a website - www.airpassengerrefund.com.

Ads and emails have been going out and you can sign up to get your refund. Just don't hold your breath on getting paid. It will be many years before payments are made. All this time the lawyers fees will be racking up. Proving once again that old adage that the law can be one giant Ass!!!!

Now comes news that those involved on the BA side including former commercial director Martin "Boy" George may face prosecution from the UK's OFT - office of Fair Trading. Formally according the Britain's Telegraph Newspaper:

The Office of Fair Trading is preparing to announce price-fixing charges against British Airways head of sales, Andrew Crawley; its former marketing and commercial director, Martin George; Iain Burns, former communications head; and Alan Burnett, who previously ran the airline’s UK/Ireland sales operation.

What a nasty mess

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