15 July 2008

So you think you have problems - RyanAir and London Underground issues

On Saturday London Underground fried approximately 250,000 users "Oyster Cards" these are the proximity chip based frequent traveller cards for riding the underground (Metro) in London.


But there are not alone. Ryanair seems to be suffering still from the lagging effects of the migration to Navitaire's New Skies product. Shame on the Navitaire guys for still not fixing the system.

This is from the Ryanair.com website:

Please click the select and continue button below, in order to view a breakdown of the inclusive taxes, fees & charges associated with your flights. We regret, due to system performance issues, we have been unable to display the tax inclusive fare box on this page, since 25/06/2008. We are currently working with our suppliers, including Navitaire to resolve these problems and hope to restore the tax, fees & charges inclusive display shortly.

Oh dear.....


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Rory said...

250,000 Oyster cards? I question your data source.

TfL replaced 60,000 cards which MAY have been faulty and are automatically replacing around 8000 non-revenue (youth, pensionsioners etc.) cards which TranSys know to be faulty.