13 August 2008

Skytrax Awards - the Professor thinks a little differently

Skytrax just released their 2008 awards.

All wonderful stuff - but there are some discrepancies that clearly don't get covered.

So here are my choices - some may not gibe with yours but given that I fly a goodly number of miles - I hope that you will forgive this indulgence. Here are my specific awards for best in class.

1. Best Biz lounge - 1st and Biz class - JAL at NRT airport. Without a doubt the best lounge I have ever experienced.
2. Best Inflight entertainment system - Delta. Surprised? I was - it is not too overwhelming and I can actually use the damn thing. Plus its reasonably easy to restart - I have seen the others like QF that are diabolical.
3. Best short haul/domestic biz class - Virgin America. A class above the rest. I may just defect from Alaska as a result.
4. Best Alliance - One World. Still knocks spots off the other two. Star Alliance - eat their dust
5. Since I have not taken many first class flights this year - no award there.
6. Best Airport - Changi again - the new terminal has made a good airport great. I have sampled all 4 terminals including the LCC offering.
7. Best Biz Class Bed. BA. The new seats and services are pretty darn good. Just hurry up with the service. I have not tried SQ nor EK's biz product so I cannot attest to their value.
8. Best LCC. Tiger. I wish others could do what Tiger does. Ryanair please note.
9. Best value for money. Still Ryanair. Play the game right and you get the best value.
10. Best Booking site for an airline- Delta. Sorry chaps - the rest of you suck. Only DL doesn's suck quite as badly.

Later I will work on the WORST awards. To be known as the Braniff Awards. if you wish to participate - please send me a note.



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