21 August 2008

TSA wants unlimited access to Airliners - scary!

The TSA is reported by several pilot forums and airline news sources to be considering a rule making that would give TSA employees unfettered access to any airliner in the USA.

OK that's scary enough. But then comes this wonderful story of a "Clouseau" like TSA inspector who managed to damage 9 EMB145s of American Eagle at O'Hare this week resulting in 40 flights delayed or cancelled and putting passengers and crews lives at risk.

Here is the story...


But wait it gets better. This chap lets call him Jacques had done this before.


It gives me no comfort at all to know that those nice people (whose long noses now allow them; into my bags without impunity and to throw Grannies off a plane and be arrested just for not following a flight attendant's instructions), will now be able to break parts of an aircraft and have access to where before only trained personnel used were allowed to tread - with impunity.

Write your local Congressman and Senators.... the policy wonks are mad and the implementation wonks are REALLY dangerous.

If they really want to stop activities perhaps they should fix the freight problems in our ports first before they start trying this sort of crap....

Yours Disgustedly

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Anonymous said...

Kafka comes to America?


Listen to Jim Campbell tell it like it is. This event is only one of MANY. So who do you trust? Where does the madness end?