21 October 2008

Line up Airlines begining with the letter A...

And having ownership travails..... Alitalia I think comes before Austrian...

The deadline for Austrian Airlines sale passed yesterday with no confirmed bid. AF/KL declined to bid and the two declared contenders LH and S7 requested more time.

Is this all a plot we could ask ourselves?

Does someone have a vested interest in the situation?

clearly BA has no ability to be interested with its own troubles in getting its slam dunk deal completed. So what can we see here... the great mega carrier redraw may become a damp squid. With oil currently trading below $70 today (Nymex) the airlines may just be better off together. All those dire predictions seem moot. Although many (including the Professor) dont think these low numbers are sustainable - they just might be.

So Austrian better get a move on and not necessarily assume that there will be a sugar daddy coming to save the day.

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