14 October 2008

Thanks - well 30% of a million

Dearly Beloved....

Well thanks to all of you who actually voted and those who didnt but wanted to or forgot....

The final tally was that our horse - the Kiva initiative came in 3rd. Not bad as the prize is $300,000

Here is the final tally from Members Projects:

Presenting the Winning Projects

$1.5 million for 1st place goes to:
Alzheimer's Disease: Early Detection Matters and its fulfilling organization, Alzheimer's Association
$500,000 for 2nd place goes to:
Help 100,000 children thrive in the classroom! and its fulfilling organization, DonorsChoose.org
$300,000 for 3rd place goes to:
Loans That Change Lives and its fulfilling organization, Kiva Microfunds

cheers and thanks again

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