02 November 2008

Oft Rumoured Now Real? Ryanair Transatlantic

The Irish are reporting that Michael O'Leary, along with reporting some strong line of business results, will announce Ryanair will start offering in late 2009 Transatlantic flights for a nominal 10 Euros. The announcement will occur tomorrow Monday November 3 2008.

Given that the current lowest prices before tax has been US Airways amongst others at 76 pounds roundtrip - it is not a stretch to imagine that he can do this.

The initial locations will be as follows:

DUB/STN to BOS, NYC, LAX, SFO and Florida - my bets would be Sanford and FLL.

The Irish airline will be offering a 2 class service with a biz class that will be VERY expensive

No word yet on the equipment but both Airbus and Boeing will be bidding strongly. A minimum 4 plane fleet will be required which means for Boeing no possible way for the 787 but Airbus could squeeze in those into the A330 line. At a pinch with no cargo the A330 would make the LAX run from Stansted. A 767 would be able to do this with no problem but would not have the same capacity as the A330 and therefore the economics from Boeing would have to be VERY attractive (free swap out to 787s for example) for it to work for FR.

The new service will however likely come with a number of "extra perks". Previously MOL has stated publicly that this will include free sex in C/J - that will be a charge in the Y/M cabin. No word yet on the standup seats ;-)

More details to follow.


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