12 November 2008

Physician Heal Thyself of Tarmac Delay Ills

Gotta love those guys... the Government and Industry and "users" all 36 of the task force could not do anything better than waste US Taxpayer money ($135,000) and decide the best way to solve the airline tarmac problems that beset the industry in 2007 with ...

Drum roll and anticipation - excitement is building...

Yes the airlines and the FAA can work this out themselves. Over and Out.

Any idiot can see that if this is really the answer they would have solved it before now. So as usual sanity and common sense has failed to prevail. Remember that this is coming at a time when the Airlines and the FAA are now at true loggerheads over the issue of airport slots.

So expect this to end some time at the end of Obama's Administration.

Congrats to all the participants in this quango. You have deservedly won the old Coveted Proxmire Golden Fleece Award. Which for the benefit of all I am resurrecting specifically for this instance!

For official seekers - here are the relevant links for you:

I went to the FAA site - here is the press release:


Here is the report itself:


Officially called the " Tarmac Delay Task Force"

The official release about setting up the task force in January:



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