21 December 2008

So really SEATAC what does $1.5 Billion get you?

Seattle Tacoma International Airport (ICAO: KSEA, IATA: SEA) recently opened its famous 3rd Runway. The justification for which was to enable difficult operations in bad weather and to allow full ops all the time.

OK so this past few days has seen it put to the test... and it well - to the pax who have been left stranded - it seems to have failed.

The travel conditions in the Puget Sound area covered the gamut from high winds to snow and sleet with freezing rain - but as one United Pilot was overheard saying to his colleague - I thought we were supposed to get two operational runways at all times...

And that is true - the whole point of the 3rd runway was to make the airport support better irregular ops. That was the story sold at the funding stages and definitely sold to the 400 plus residents who were turfed out of their houses. Total cost for the project $1.5 Billion plus.

The local marketplace is rife with rumours of kickbacks and poor contract process and management. The local Seattle papers have been having a field day with the shenanigans going on at the authority - Port of Seattle.

So it would seem that the voters got a pig in a poke.


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