23 January 2009

Crackberry President

Thank the lord for those wonderful security service personnel who have finally devised a crackberry fit for the PreZ.

Obama now can keep his 'berry in the White House, it was agreed on Thursday

And good for him. So for all those corporates who had to give up their preference for crackberry and even those who have iPhones (you are of course the devil incarnate), all of you can now rest assured that there is a way to come up with a secure phone.

For Obama - he is very happy.

"He believes it's a way of keeping in touch with folks, a way of doing it outside of getting stuck in a bubble," Gibbs said at his first White House press briefing.

So have hope.

We have a crackberry presidency, and we are all looking forward to that growing out to the rest of the world. Too bad it was a Canadian invention.

But if we can have the PED (personal electronic device) be from a Canadian company - can Air Force One from Airbus be that far behind?


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