13 January 2009

Saver Tip at LHR.

Here’s a little tip. If you are at LHR and stay at one of the local hotels along the Bath Road – there is usually the Hotel Hoppa bus that you need to pay 4 Pounds each way. But if you take the 423 Bus – it runs with slightly less frequency but it is (wait for it…) free. It’s a service of the local council. So look out for it.


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Professor Sabena said...

From Professor Tony who works near LHR here are some more tips.

Seems like all the buses are free.
So there is no need to pay Hotel Hoppa unless you are too lazy to walk the 100 meters to the bus stop!

For the map showing free routes:

For the BAA web page on local bus services at Heathrow:

As the Professor's readers are all smart they might not be using any of the hotels on the Bath Road - overpriced, low quality, terrible location, no local amenities etc etc.
Far better to take Heathrow Connect up to Paddington & enjoy a night in London with endless choice for restaurants, bars and chance of a reasonable priced breakfast.

Or if the big city is not your thing, then Windsor is only 20 minutes away by taxi. Good restaurants, a choice of hotels, the Great Park or Long Walk for those that need exercise, plus the castle if time permits a little sightseeing. (The Professor used to go to Prep School in Windsor and can attest to this).

Windsor Cars (01753 677677) will pick up from any of the terminals for £15 one-way; I use them 2 or 3 times a month, great service Professor Tony is happy to recommend. Typically they'll even call your mobile just as they are arriving at the airport.

So good tips here.