29 January 2009

Secureflight fails people like... the Professor

So following up on a story from The Beat's David Jonas - I can personally attest that this is not working. As you all know my real name is Professor O'Sabena. The use of the apostrophe causes grief. So I drop it on my itineraries. However my federal and state ID also do not match. My state cannot handle the "'" symbol so it ignores it. Some federal agencies ignore and leave a blank - others ignore and remove the blank.

My passport is correct on the face but it is not how the data is necessarily stored. Ditto credit cards and reservation systems vendors.

SO I applied for CLEAR and asked everyone involved what the impact would be. The end state was that no one would give me a full answer and all answers were inconsistent.

So I am muscling my way to the front of the Q and claiming to be important. So if you see me shouting at a poor rigid TSA agent - have a little sympathy for us both.


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