13 January 2009

Varig PNRs to migrate to OpenSkies

Here is a note from World Aviation on behalf of VRG (aka New Varig). So if you have any RG bookings in any GDS - please note the change. contact numbers are at the bottom



VRG are migrating all PNR from RG reservations host (Amadeus) to the G3 reservations host (New Skies.)

This process will involve all PNRs with RG flights between 17JAN09 and 02MAR09, except the reservations from/to CCS and BOG. The flights for these cities will temporarily continue with RG designator, due for migration late January 2009.

Please Note:

The reservations will receive an advice code of cancellation (HX) on all RG segments and a SSR with the new G3 flight, date, segment and the New Skies record locator.

Therefore, the GDS’s PNRs will not have an active RG flight anymore and the new flight will appear only at the SSR item as an information.

As the link of communication between the migrated PNRs to New Skies and the GDSs will break, if any modification on these PNRs are required, they must be requested to the Call Center Gol/Varig *.

The travel agencies that use Gol web services or site will be able to access the new PNR on these environments, if they request the Call Center to add their IATA number or Gol travel agency code, in the new PNR.

Tickets associated to the migrated reservations will be used as a form of payment in New Skies and the travel agent will not be able to access them anymore.

Refunds of these migrated PNRs can be requested through the Call Center or chat. Open 042 tickets can also be reimbursed or changed in to a Gol credit, if previously requested to the Call Center or via chat.

After migration, flights with RG designator will not show any seats available on the GDS availabilities and later on they will be canceled.

We do emphasize that all ticketed reservations will be migrated to New Skies system and it is not necessary to create a new PNR. Reservations with no tickets – i.e. live sectors not ticketed - will not be migrated.

VRG Linhas Aéreas S.A. – GOL Group

Chat Argentina, Bolívia, Brasil, Chile, Paraguai, Peru e Uruguai: www.voegol.com
Chat Other countries: http://gol.directtalk.com.br/clientes/custom/voegol/init_help_online.htm

* Call Centers:
ARGENTINA: 0810 266 3232; BOLÍVIA: 800 10 21 31; BRAZIL: 0300 115 21 21; CHILE: 1 888 0042 0091 (Telefonica), 1230 020 9105 (Entel) ; PARAGUAY: 009 800 55 1 0008; PERU: 0800 52 917; URUGUAY: 0004 055 126 ; OTHER COUNTRIES: 55 11 5504 4410

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