26 February 2009

*Air.* Loses Yet Another Battle

Remember that airline that has been trying to get started in South Africa and sell flights by the hour. Well after losing just about everything they had - now they are going to lose their name as well.

Here is a recap of a summary ruling:

The court ordered that:

• Airtime shall not use the company name ‘Airtime Airlines’ as a trademark
• The carrier is interdicted from using the word ‘ifly Airtime’ in relation to its services and business, including the advertising and marketing of its products and/or services.
• The carrier is interdicted from passing off its products, services or business as being that of 1time, by using the colour red and/or the word time, otherwise than in its ordinary descriptive sense, without distinguishing its products, services or business from 1time
• Airtime is also interdicted from misrepresenting its products, services and/or business to be that of 1time, or associated in the course of trade with 1time.

Gotta respect the law

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