25 February 2009

What Should The Topic Be For Blog #1000?

OK Dear readers

We are closing in on Blog number 1000. So I have a question - what would you like the topic to be?

In the past 3 years since I have been running this blog - I have covered a wide variety of topics. Almost all (except for the odd frivolous ones) are focused on the market segment of Aviation, Travel and Tourism - with a particular emphasis on distribution.

The first blog I ever did was May 16th 2006. Over the first year - there was not a lot that I posted. Just comments on things that were interesting. It wasn't until Feb of 2007 that I started to blog on a serious basis.

To date we have had over 100,000 people visit the site, subscribe in an email or access the content via RSS. This includes our partners who have syndicated the content. And there have even been people who "borrow" some of the words and try to make it their own. I have received thousands of comments - not all of them complimentary but in the most part (except for a Hotel in India) valuable.

So what do I write on for the 1000th blog?

Top stories have been:

The death of the GDS model
The LCC revolution morphing into a regular business model
Poor Airline Service
Stupid Customer Service tricks
Obfuscation by people and companies who should know better
New forms of distribution
Brickbats and Bouquets for all manner of seller behavior
Really Cool Stuff
Road Warrior experiences.

If you have another topic - let me know and I will probably try and do a series for the blog entries 995 through 1005.

Let me know.

And as always - thanks for reading and...



Anonymous said...

you still haven't adressed the Sabre Developer Agreement :-)

Professor Sabena said...

I will take that under advisement. The Sabre Developer Agreement controversy is one that I have commented on several times. Frankly I think the issue is moot at this time. I welcome anyone else to weigh into this debate. However please do identify yourself.