17 April 2009

Crisis - What crisis? Ryanair Takes 22 Planes

Delivery numbers for both Airbus and Boeing are now in for the First Quarter of 2009.

Earlier I reported that Ryanair (FR) had taken what I thought was a record 8 planes in February up from 6 in January. Actually they also took 8 in March as well to total 22 for the first Quarter of 2009. That's a new plane EVERY 4 DAYS!!!

Next highest player was EasyJet with 11 (A319s plus one 320).

Ryanair was the largest starter of new routes also in Q1 of all airlines worldwide.

Absorbing these new planes in a down market will be a challenge. Anyone want a slightly used 737-800 low days but quite high hours - please contact aircraft sales FR/DUBLIN?

One interesting tidbit - most destinations out of the UK are now clearly served by LCCs. How does this breakdown?

The UK generates just short of a quarter billion passengers a year. 240,000 in 2008. Total traffic breaks into 33% for Legacy carriers, 14 % for charters and misc - the lion's share is 53% is LCC. (Source Anna Aero)

'Nuf said Brian...


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