23 April 2009

easyJet To API Users: "I Was Only Kidding"

So it seems my correction earlier has changed the rules in the game (ok now I am kidding).

Easyjet has decided that even though a number of good development companies have built and sold "official" API links from the easyJet host to form independent parts of distribution, from September they are going to shut off the sale of fares.

The about turn seems to affect about 19 API users including Elite and Advantage Agent groups and Thomas Cook who receive their interface from Partners Software of Bremen and Multicom (UK).

The API will still be available but for "predominantly business" based bookings. For Leisure, guess what - its back to the official easyJet website. Presumably this will encourage screen scraping again...

I understand the reasons what airlines want to do things a certain way. However I am empathetic to the need for a simple resolution to this issue. I would welcome any comments on the subject and will likely put a poll up in the next day or two.


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