10 April 2009

Hws Twtr 4U?

Twitter seems to be everywhere. I groaned last night to see Twitter even on a TV commercial. Its everywhere on the US Cable News networks. It brought out people on the streets in Moldovia. ITS EVERYWHERE.

Granted it has its uses - and I am sure that there are a goodly number of people who are very happy with it and are madly Tweeting away to their friends. Heck yes - I even Tweet occasionally.

So how is it doing in terms of traffic say compared to MySpace, FaceBook and 2nd Life?

Facebook with no business model (who needs one!) has just passed 200 million users. It is maturing and newbies are coming from the older more affluent types rather than just college users. It has spread wildly throughout the world except for China where it is officially frowned on. Its fellow competitor MySpace seems to have lost momentum. And probably last year around May it lost its pole position to Facebook. Secondlife has been slowly declining as people moved on to shinier toys to play with. The Real World is way more interesting than the virtual one. Twitter on the other hand has shot out of nowhere and is now well into the top 100 sites. Remember that it has a number of non-web activities so the actual amount of traffic being generated makes it probably one of the largest perpetrators of ... digital junk. Yes friends it seems like the whole world has caught the Twitterrhea disease.

Just wait till someone starts sending ads through the Tweets... UGH!!!

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