15 April 2009

Online Ad Spending Plummets

All media is suffering in the economic downturn. In some cases we are seeing dramatic shifts from offline/Traditional media especially non-broadcast to online. However how is online doing.

I have been trying to get some definitive predictions and right now things are all over the place. Finally someone has come up with a set of numbers I think I can believe in.

eMarketer has actually given us a synposis. I usually like eMarketer as they base their stats often on a compilation of other stats. Using the wisdom of the crowd approach, I usually find them a little more accurate if a little later than others.

(NOTE if you have a better predictor for one of these categories then let me know!)

So they are saying that online ad spending will fall to a growth of only 4.5%. That is down from the growth of nearly 27% in 2007. Growth will recover a little in 2009 but slowly.

The eMarketer study information contained here also includes a table of different sources who are reporting different numbers. So you can pick your poison.


Anyway you cut it - its still a blood bath out there.


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