20 April 2009

To Angst or Not To Angst - Delta Knows

Delta - yes those nice people who close the doors early - have a new angst generating tool.

Now on the website within 24 hours you can see where you sit on the standby list.

What is really interesting about this is that you can actually see ahead of time when the gate agent gives away the seats to DL staffers.


Well I digress. The tool lets you get all worked up about the day of flight upgrade. So on my flight (yes arriving nearly 4 hours late due to a mechanical) I was able to see that I was #3 of the standby list. When I showed up at the airport - all 3 spare seats were gone. Surprisingly there were 3 suspiciously looking smarter people sitting in the front cabin. Upgrades 3 of them ahead of a Platinum person? Oh well I am already pretty much a PNG with DL at the moment. So moral of the story - dont rely on the tool. Still you can never have too much information. Of course you can get too much data....


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Anonymous said...

This is a feature I was not aware of...and do not see as being available on the DL website. What should one be looking for to access this fascinating site?