02 May 2009

Plea To the Dutch: Please Don't Change

The terrible events of April 30th this past week are yet another example of the power of the few (in this case one) to disrupt the lives of the many or indeed the rest.

As with other acts of terrorism - it is always about the ability of someone to destroy the values of the masses to their own selfish ends.

Queen's Day in the Netherlands is a wonderful and joyous occasion that has been existed since 1885. My plea is don't change. Celebrate that which is your unique culture and freedom. To change would be to acknowledge that this deranged person was right and then we collectively all lose. If it gets changed and things are not as they were - then any other like-minded person will do the same thing.

Don't give in and don't change.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your kind understanding and wise words! In the past we once capitulated for the terror of a totalitarian state. I think it is in our genes now to stand for an defend the values of our country, if possible without violence and always with respect for the views of the other.
But there are limits. And attacking our Royal Family is way past them. Thank God for a state where someone who even crosses these limits would - when he was still alive - get a fair trial.