26 July 2009

Spamollowers Banned From Twitter, Maybe - Real Followers And Tweeters Rejoice

So Twitter has finally realized that Spam Followers (Spamollowers) actually exist.


Unfortunately they have yet to realize that the commercial cretins have now tried to take over from the individuals. All those nice people who want to create Tweets that are commercial cannot be differentiated good or bad.

This is where the whole idea of self regulating "wisdom of the crowd" falls apart.

Frankly this is why most kids are ignoring Twitter and staying with Facebook. And the numbers show this - Twitter gets zero repeat visitors by the vast amount of people.

So the real question is as follows:

Is Twitter really useful in a Facebook kind of way or is it just fun in a Second Life kind of way.

I am betting on the latter - so far no one seems to be able to prove otherwise. Spamollowers are just more perpetrators of Twitterhea.

One of the Yahoo honchos was bemoaning the other day that the company doesn't get its fare share of advertising. The caveat was that ABSENT SEARCH. Well DUH this is the place that people spend money. So he can get over it - just like Twitter is one of those things that is unnecessary and not useful.

Sorry but I really am finding Twitter very tedious. Perhaps we should start calling the messages not Tweets but Tireds. Many of them are really tiresome and totally unnecessary.

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