08 July 2009

Watch Out Seattle (Redmond) Here Comes Google OS

The rumours are now possibly future fact. Google has confirmed one of the worst kept secrets that there will be a Google PC OS arriving second half 2010. That means that we can expect "beta" versions sooner than that most likely on netbooks.

This will put pressure on Microsoft to step up to the game. So far however Google has not put a dent into MS's business with Google desktop and webtop based apps. Frankly neither Open Office nor Google docs are really any good other than for perhaps occasional use.

But over time Google will get better.

So here is an interesting thought. If Microsoft was sued by the EC and the US DoJ for tying the web browser to the OS. Should Google be sued for tying the PC OS to the Web browser (Google's OS will be Chrome based)?

Enquiring minds want to know...


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